teambuilding through music



Our variety of unique, musical team building workshops and performance experiences are designed to entice, engage, educate and entertain. Whether learning an instrument, writing a song, or rehearsing with a band, to enhancing colleague productivity, listening more attentively, or boosting morale, so much more can be gained when people work together toward a common goal. With this collaboration comes renewed cooperation, more open and honest communication, a deeper trust, shared leadership roles and a collective responsibility for the group's successes and failures.

MusicTeamWorks facilitators work closely with you to determine which of our programs best suits your needs. All activities can be easily structured to suit your specific objectives.

Our facilitators are professional musicians who have also demonstrated the successful leadership skills necessary for a positive team building experience.

We provide instruments for all participants including: guitars, basses, ukuleles, keyboards, amps, drum sets, assorted percussion (congas, bongos, talking drums, shakers, rattles, bells, woodblocks, etc.) and a sound system.

Programs are conveniently located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Program Size
Our programs range in size from 6 to 600.



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