teambuilding through music



MusicTeamWorks activities are designed to:

  • Explain and implement the team building process
  • Inspire new and exciting ways to accomplish goals
  • Focus and nurture harmony
  • Illustrate an individuals' influence upon the group
  • Foster clear and concise communication
  • Encourage participation
  • Get people working together
  • Reduce Stress
The Music/Business Connection

Working together musically is similar to working with others in a business environment, each with three similar key components. In music, it's melody, harmony and rhythm. The melody being the central theme or idea, with harmony added to support and enhance the melody, and rhythm the vehicle that propels the idea forward allowing it to come to fruition.In business, a project is the melody. It's a great idea in need of support.Harmony comes into play when a team is assembled; aspects of the project are delegated, input is welcomed and ideas implemented. The ongoing forward motion of the team, the setting of goals, the reaching of milestones and achieving the desired results is its rhythm.



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