teambuilding through music



Everyday, everyday I have the Blues….So says Blues legend B.B. King. Imagine instead of taking the Blues with you to work, there was a way to ride those Blues outta town on a rail.

BluesCool is our program designed to do just that. This session begins with a live tasting of our own down home Blues. We’ll then discuss the Blues as it applies to your work-related situation. Next, we’ll roll n’ tumble into small groups, get into character by choosing an appropriate Blues name (Boogie-Woogie, Lightnin’, L’il, Guitar, etc.) and with the help of one of our own Blues Masters, write lyrics to make the Blues Brothers envious. Finally, with fedora and shades, you’ll have the opportunity to take it to the stage and perform your song in front of your audience.

As with all our programs, we’re happy to work with you to accommodate your special needs.



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