teambuilding through music



It's time to Sing Out! In this program, we'll discuss work related issues, break out into small groups, choose a great song and write our own lyrics to that song. Next, each group we'll take to the stage and backed up by a live band let the world know what they're feeling and that they've got something to say. I Can't Get No Satisfaction will most certainly take on an entirely new meaning with your newly penned lyrics.

Who hasn't drummed on their steering wheel, tapped on a table or been told not to use the chop sticks as drumsticks? In this workshop, all manner of tapping is encouraged. It has been said that the rhythm of life has been captured in the rhythm of percussion. Percussion circles have been around for thousands of years and have been used by many cultures for communication, rituals, as well as a means of collective self-expression. Participants will discuss rhythm, learn about syncopation, and have the opportunity to play a variety of drums and percussion instruments. Circles can range from participants working together in the studio to a live performance.
Not only are we purveyors of the Blues, but our musical styles also cover Jazz, Swing, Rock, Pop, Oldies and just about anything else you can think of. Now that your workshop has finished, it's time to put your Blues aside and get up and dance or simply enjoy the music as we perform for you.


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